HTC One M8 Unlock Code

How To Sim network unlock the HTC One M8

HTC One M8 is a very popular phone and with good reason. Has a decent camera, great user interface, sound and multiple features. The phone can very easily be network unlocked and will only take a few minutes to successfully unlock the HTC phone to be used on any network worldwide. Have an old HTC […]

Unlock With Mobile Device Unlock Application

What is The Mobile Device Unlock Application

Mobile Device Unlock Application is a new unlocking restriction that has been pre-installed into any new, purchased after June 2015,  MetroPCS and T-Mobile USA phones. The Device unlock application was set up for any new Android based cell phones because it will give you the ability to request and unlock directly within the device with […]

Unlock Code for The HTC One ME

Network Unlock The HTC One ME

HTC One ME is the newest release by HTC and definitely will not be their last this year. HTC’s business strategy is to flood the market with phones that hit every price point. The hope is to build a loyal customer base that will grow with the company. The customer base will then begin purchasing […]

Network Unlock A HTC Desire 610

How to Sim Network Unlock HTC Desire 610

HTC Desire 610 is a great mid range phone that has the ability to be taken anywhere around the globe once unlocked. A excellent phone for any student studying abroad; not expensive and very cheap to unlock. In under 5 minutes you can have your HTC phone running on another network: keep your music, contacts, […]

How Do I Unlock A HTC One M9

Unlocking a HTC One M9

HTC ‘s new One M9 can be unlocked in minutes, requiring only the carrier and IMEI of the phone (dial *#06#) to generate an unlock code. Sim unlocking is the quickest method to free your phone from the locked carrier. Great for international travel or studying abroad; nothing in your phone is changed or damaged; […]

Possible Merger of HTC and Lenovo

Lenovo acquiring HTC?

HTC, the Taiwanese cell phone manufacturer, has been making a name from themselves and according to Cher Wang, CEO of HTC,  they are making superior products that just are not selling. This is a true statement and has been known by many cell phone critics for many months now. HTC One and 8 series can […]

HTC One Max Coming to Stores Near You

HTC Max Release Date Set

We have heard rumors of the HTC One Max specifications and look for many months now. Based off of a recent Wall Street Journal article it seems that the new HTC phone will be released much sooner then anyone expected. The article from the WSJ has reported that the new flagship phone from HTC will be […]

Easy Come Easy Go: Unlocking the HTC ONE

How to Unlock the HTC One

 Unlocking is your need, and Unlocking is our business, thank you for visiting. The benefits to unlocking is cost conscious for the HTC ONE.  Another great phone, with an easy unlocking process. Below you will find the steps needed to complete the task. 1)   The most crucial part: please press *#06# on the dial pad. […]