How Do I Know if I Need to Unlock My Phone?

Why Unlocking My Phone Is ImportantHave you ever purchased an unlocked phone before? What was the reason you decided to get an unlocked phone? DId you think it would be easier to purchase an unlocked phone then unlock your own phone? Well I am here to tell you that unlocking a cell phone has become increasingly more easier than it has been before. There are many reasons people unlock their own phones or purchase an unlocked phone, most reasons all revolve around their ability to choose what service provider they feel is in their best interest. If you do not have a phone that is compatible with unlock codes you can just as easily purchase a phone full retail without a contract or get a friend to give you his old phone; in the end you may save money on not purchasing a phone that is already unlocked. Either way taking advantage of unlock codes is a very good way to save money and give yourself the freedom to do what you want with your phone.  To get more data on cell phone unlocking you can check out Blackberry Unlock Codes .

As more and more prepaid companies try to get into the cell phone business the large contract companies have used the cell phone lock to their advantage. They make sure they give you a deal on a phone usually $200 or $300 off of retail price to insure that you sign a 2 year contract on the phone. Then as the months go by the price will increase because of a number of factors, data overages, to many text messages or overuse of minutes; either way they are out to make back the money from the discounted phone and then some.

This is the main reason cell phone service provider mandate the manufacturers put cell phone locks on each phone so they can be sure you will have to stay with their company or risk the phone being blacklisted. The unlock code is a great way to make sure you are not forced to use just one company. The unlock code is a great tool for families that travel abroad as well as students or business men. Instead of asking permission from your current service provider and getting a temporary unlock code or having to pay a roaming fee charge; you can unlock the phone and use a SIM card from that country or any other country you plan to visit. Once the unlock code is entered and accepted you will be able to use any carrier from any country during the whole life of the phone. Take advantage of the iPhone 5s Unlock Code, your property, you say what you do with it not the cell phone company.

Before getting the unlock code it is always good practice to make sure the phone does need to be unlocked. There are two different types of cell phone technologies, the first cannot be unlocked by an electronic code, this is called a CDMA phones (verizon or Sprint). Many of these phones do not have SIM card slots and in turn cannot be unlocked, but some can be unlocked, usually Blackberry’s. In order to unlock CDMA phones you will need to use a software program which is a little tough to find and use on the phone, we recommend finding a person that specializes in this type of unlock because if done incorrectly it can damage your phone.

The other type of phone technology uses SIM cards and are also known as GSM phones. These phones are the easiest to unlock and only requires a few minutes of your time. They require a SIM card from another carrier, and once it is put in the phone it will ask for the unlock code. After entering the code you will then have the freedom to interchange SIM cards as many times as you want and use applications that you never thought were possible on the phone before. There are companies all over the internet that specialize in this simple unlocking process, once you find the one that you are most comfortable with you can go ahead and get the freedom you deserve from your phone.

Enjoy your phone and give yourself the right to do with the phone that is in your best interest not the big companies. Please reference UnlockThatPhone if you have any more questions or concerns on the advantages and procedures.


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