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UnlockThatPhone.com is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding unlocking. Below are some of the most common questions that we receive:

Is it legal to unlock your cell phone?

In almost every country in the World, it is 100% legal to unlock your cell phone. However, some countries have deemed it illegal to unlock your cell phone without permission given from the carrier of that particular phone. Before you purchase an unlock code, each customer must check the laws of their country to make sure they can legally unlock their phone. Unlock That Phone is located in Romania where we are in full compliance with all laws that govern the country regarding cell phone unlocking.

What does it mean when my BlackBerry says “Enter Network MEP Code (0) left” when I try to enter the code?

All BlackBerrys allow for ten unlocking attempts. If there are zero attemps left, you will no longer be able to unlock your phone. UnlockThatPhone.com encourages all customers to excersize caution when purchasing a phone from a third party due to the regular occurance of this problem. Please be sure to check your unlock counter prior to purchasing both the phone and the unlock code for the phone as we do not issue refunds for code purchases made if a phone is hardlocked. To find out if your phone is hardlocked & how many more attempts you have to unlock your phone please visit www.unlockinstructions.com and follow the guide for your phone as if you were unlocking it.

How do I get my phone's IMEI?

All GSM phones have an unique 15 digit number known as their IMEI. To get the IMEI off of your phone simply open the phone application and dial *#06#. This will cause a window to pop up displaying yoru phone's IMEI. You do not need to include the decimal points or slashes when providing us with your IMEI.

When I enter the unlock code into my BlackBerry the code just disappears and the box asking for the code is still there, and I have lost a try - what do I do?

This is a very common software glitch with BlackBerrys. To resolve this issue simply remove the battery while the phone is still powered on, invoking a soft reset. Once the battery is removed just wait five minutes and replace the battery. You may now attempt to unlock your phone again. Please note, many times this glitch occurs and the phone is unlocked after the soft reset is performed. If your BlackBerry is no longer asking you for the code after you have done the soft reset, you are unlocked already!

When I enter the unlock code into my BlackBerry the code just disappears and the box asking for the code still say I have 10 tries left - what do I do?

This is another one of the most common glitches with BlackBerrys. Just perform a soft reset by removing the battery from the phone while it is still powered on. After removing the battery wait five minutes and then insert it back into the phone. Many times the phone will be unlocked already, you can check this by trying to perform the unlocking process again. If the phone does not ask you for the code, the phone is unlocked!

My Verizon Wireless BlackBerry said "Code Accepted" but its not reading my sim card and it keeps trying to reach Verizon's customer service when I make a call, is my phone still locked?

Verizon BlackBerry phones dual CDMA and GSM compatible and being originally locked to Verizon, the phone defaults to using their network. To start using your alternate network you must change the network settings on your phone. To do this follow the steps below:

1. Go to Options

2. Select Mobile Network

3. Change Network Technology from "Global" to "GSM/UMTS"

*If you are in North America you will need to change the new box that has appeared below "GSM/UMTS" from "3G & 2G" to "2G" as none of the Verizon BlackBerry phones can receive 3G in North America*

My phone keeps saying "Code Error" or "Network Unlock Unsuccessful", did you give me the wrong code? What should can I do?

There are few different reasons that this may happen, and it will depend on the model and the history of the phone itself. If you have a BlackBerry and it indicates that you have 0 tries left when you try to enter the code, the phone is hardlocked and no matter what code is provided the phone will always say that because it is hardlocked. When a phone becomes hardlocked, with a few exceptions, it is no longer possible to unlock the phone. If you are receiving an error message when entering your code STOP attemtpting to enter the code and email us at Sales@UnlockThatPhone.com. When emailing us please provide us with the following information: Your Order Number, Your Phone's IMEI (this is found by dialing *#06#), Your phone model, The locked carrier of your phone & how many tries you have left so that we may resolve this issue for you right away.

How do I get my BlackBerry MEP? Why do I need it?

In many cases we will need to know the MEP of your BlackBerry in order to ensure we get the correct code for your phone. In the event that it is required, you can follow a few simple steps to get your MEP:

1. From the home screen hold ALT+Cap+h at the same time. This will open the "Help Me" screen.

*If you are using a Pearl or a BlackBerry with SureType hold ALT and type EACE. If you are using a touch screen BlackBerry hold the Back Arrow and press the screen in this order: Top left, top right, top left, top right*

2. In the "Help Me" screen you will need to locate three things: Pin, App Version & the Uptime of your phone. It is important that once you have this screen open that you do NOT close it as it will change the uptime of your phone.

3. You will now need to get your engineering key, visit this link: Get Your Engeering Key

4. In this new page you need to enter the information you gathered in step 2. It is important that you enter it exactly as shown below :

Pin: 2X4BD9

App Version: (1879)

Uptime: 246889

Key Duration: 1 Day

*The above are just examples, use the information displayed on your phone for the input* It is also important to note that you do NOT include the "secs" in the Uptime as well as note the space before the parenthesis in the App Version

5. Take the newly generate key and enter it into the "Help Me" screen as if you were typing a text message. You do not need to capitalize the letters, however, you MUST hit the Alt key before each number. If done correctly this will open a new menu labeled "Engineering Screen Contents"

6. From this new menu select "OS Engineering Screens"

7. Locate and select "Device Info"

8. Scroll down until you locate your phone's MEP, it will look like this "MEP -04104-007"

If you are still having trouble locating your phone's MEP please watch the video demonstration below:

My phone is unlocked but I am no longer able to access the internet or use MMS (video & picture messaging), is that part of my phone still locked?

No, your phone is completely unlocked once it is reading your new network. The reason that the internet and MMS are not working (for BlackBerry users BBM and BES will not be working either) is because the phone does not know how to send and receive data on the new carrier. In order to get these services back you will have to configure you phone's APN (Access Point Name) to match that of your carrier. If you using a BlackBerry you will also need to get the service books for your phone. Both APN configuration and service books can be found by using Google and typing in what you are looking for. Additional you can call your carrier and ask for this information - they will gladly provide it to you. If you are still unable to get these features working, UnlockThatPhone.com will make every effort to get them working. If for any reason we cannot get these configured there are no refunds on the purchase as this is NOT part of the unlocking process & not every customer needs these features - it is specific to each customer.

I just received my code and unlocked my phone, my friend has the same phone as well, can I use the same code on their phone to unlock it?

No, each and every single phone has a different IMEI and thus all phones have a different code. Any damage done to a phone while attempting to unlock it using a different phone's code is the responsibility of the customer.

Why is my phone not picking up 3G or 4G?

Each network has specific 3G & 4G bands. Many times phones only support the bands that their original carrier use - and nothing else. Because of this you may only experience EDGE or 2G on your phone. There is nothing that can be done to fix this as it is strictly hardware related.

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